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Ebani Tech Pvt Ltd successfully delivered a comprehensive application for Coromandel International, designed to streamline their overseas Retail Connect event management. Our tech team swiftly developed a feature-rich app within a two-week timeframe. Key functionalities included visitor tracking, attendance management, room assignments, a user-friendly grievances portal, push notifications for reminders, seamless event creation and management, as well as effortless media sharing among attendees. Our solution empowered Coromandel International to enhance the efficiency and user experience of their event.


  • Hybrid App Development


  • Agriculture

Other Works

  • Suchir India

    Redefining Digital Frontiers for Suchir India. We've seamlessly merged AR/VR innovation with a dynamic website, propelling Suchir India into the future of immersive digital experiences.

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  • Blue Beach Tower

    Shaping Digital Excellence for Blue Beach Tower. We've redefined web solutions with a dynamic, user-centric site that opens doors to success in the digital age.

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  • TrimX

    Shaping Tomorrow with TrimX's Mobile App and Website. We've fused innovation and user-centric design to empower TrimX, revolutionizing their industry and simplifying lives.

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